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The mysteries multiply as we look through the literature but some answers are still forthcoming.

The mystery continues, leading us down an algorithmic path filled with broken sticks.

A parameter collapses, a sophisticated model looms afoot and we find the start of a trail of clues in this unexpected mystery.

An overview of two of the main obstacles to causal inference: Confounding and Selection Bias

An overview of the conditions required for instrumental variables and an example application in the built environment



Visualizations for Spatial Aggregated Predictors


Fitting Built Environment Data to Nested Dirichlet Processes in R


An R package for fitting Spatio-Temporal Aggregated Predictor Models in R.

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While I’m no longer able to participate in the Statistical Learning Reading Group at Michigan, I was a huge fan of reading the …

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The rstap package implements Bayesian spatial temporal aggregated predictor models in R using the probabilistic programming language …